Run Times

Courses – short (red) and long (blue):

Old courses (Winter 16/17)


Short Long
03/12/2019 30.55 30.8
10/12/2019 30.4 30.17
17/12/2019 30.5 28.97
24/12/2019 30.22
31/12/2019 30.47 31.4
07/01/2020 32.33 30.82
14/01/2020 34.17 33.38
28/1/2020 31.26 32.38
4/2/2020 30.68 31.96
11/2/2020 31.25 30.75
18/2/2020 34.63 33.55
25/2/2020 29.87 32.38
3/3/2020 30.87 29.88
10/3/2020 32.28 31.28
17/3/2020 30.9 30.9

An interruption

The current lockdown means no group runs for the time being. We’re still going out for out once-a-day exercise though, modifying routes and times as necessary:

21 Mar: Hodson’s out on a lovely sunny Saturday morning 1 on short and one doing summer long variation. Times 30.31 and 40.4 respectively.

24 Mar: [HC] Solo run starting and ending at home, earlier on Tuesday evening. Not many people around. 29m23s for Short, though only 4.93km against usual 5.06km.

26 Mar: [DD] The usual long loop but starting and ending at home – 29:34 time.

28 Mar: [VH] Early morning, short starting and finishing at Reddings and including Woodlands Rise -31.33

29 Mar: [DHx2] Alternative long winter run from our front door via town and Digswell road. 7.5km in 35.1

31 Mar: [DD] Clock change and a lovely sunny afternoon/evening, so back to the summer long green run – 34:32

31 Mar: [VH] No extra loops tonight. Finding it a lot harder without the incentive of a stop at Campus West post run – 29.6

31 Mar: [HC] A bit of extra distance to get the short above 5km (actually 5.12km). Had to do a final sprint to deliver a time of 30m00s precisely.
Psychologically difficult to get close to Campus West with the long Guessens Road / Handside Lane loop in prospect rather than a half of cider.

4th Apr: [VH & DH] Who needs parkrun, early morning summer short and long routes 29.1 at 5km and 38.5 for long

7th Apr: [DD] – Another early long green run, and warm enough for shorts… 34:05 – so a bit faster than last week.

8 Apr: [HC] Tried out a new route involving the long drag up Valley Road. Still managing to keep below 6mins/km.

9 Apr: [DHx2] Uplands long and hilly 34.75 slightly quicker than previous week

12 Apr: [VH] Regular short with one extra loop 31.3 Quite pleased with that post Easter egg!

14 Apr: [DD] Just the short course run this afternoon – probably overdid it over the long weekend! 22:58, starting/finishing at the bottom of the road.

15 Apr: [HC] Joint outing with Jill. She briskly walked the core route while I ran a similar route, but with extra loops in the style of the Long course. I beat her by 4 minutes and only met once, so a tweak to my route is needed.

16 Apr: [DD] Back to the long, green run and another small improvement – 33:50.

18 Apr: [DH & VH] Summer green run long with extra loop around north lake 8km in 39.8 and short 5km in 29.1

21 Apr: [DD] Something a bit different tonight – visiting all the local postboxes. Surprisingly similar to the usual Tuesday loop. 15 postboxes, 8.35k, 41:43.

23 Apr: [VH] Summer Green Short 29.0. Also did Postbox challenge on Monday and loved it, shall be trying it again next week.

21 January run

5 out tonight on a clear evening with frost starting to form. Noone on the long course (with the usual long runner slowed down by injury) and nobody ended up running the short course properly! Two did short + Reddings, one did short + early long loops, one tripped and retired with injury and one retired to transport the injured home…